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Top Steps for Successful QR Codes in Marketing

Top Steps for Successful QR Codes in Marketing

April 18th 2012

QR Codes are the new way to bridge the gap between technology and real world businesses, enabling users and customers to find out more information about offline brands and businesses by scanning a Code which will take them to some form of online content.

Companies wishing to utilize this technology sometimes use them for one purpose, namely to point consumers to their main website. But there are lots of other reasons to capitalise on the fact that smartphone usage has exploded during the past couple of years.

What are some of the best ways to launch a successful QR Code marketing campaign? What do you have to consider before starting to use this technology?

This post will provide you with the top steps for successful QR Codes in Marketing.



Objectives of the QR Code Marketing Campaign

For any marketing campaign to be successful, you need to identify the purpose of the campaign, your marketing goals and how your audience are going to interact. These are all especially true for QR Codes in marketing as you are able to track your campaign and how your consumers interact with it in ways that were never possible before. It’s important that you identify what your customers want and what will make them scan them, instead of just going for the novelty factor. Essentially: what's in it for the consumer?

Quality Mobile Content

It’s also important that you offer quality content. A QR Code that links to a plain desktop site or content that is not engaging could make your audience switch off – whereas content that is fun, interesting and interactive will keep your audience scanning your Codes and interacting with your brand for a much longer period of time. Make sure that the content is mobile friendly and try to make sure that it loads quickly – people are busy are short of time so if your site takes a long time to load you could find that your audience doesn’t bother waiting for the content to load. Also, brand QR Code with your company logo so that each time consumers scan they see your logo at the top of all messages.



Brand Your QR Codes

Brand all digital messages with your company logo. You can quickly brand all your messages, even web pages, so that when your customers scan they see your logo at the top of their mobile phone screen. When they tap your logo they are taken to your website, order form or any other web page. If you brand QR Codes in this way, you make them part of your brand's journey from start to purchase.

Easy on the Eye: User Friendly

Whatever the content on your site, be it coupons, signing up to a mailing list, demo videos etc., it should be user-friendly and very easy to understand. A complicated landing page will reduce your conversion rates dramatically, so be sure to make it user friendly. You could also add social media buttons here so that you can interact with your audience on other platforms.



Experiment with QR Codes

Remember not to overwhelm your audience with content that is too rich, but don’t underwhelm them with content that is too dull. Maps and signage are an excellent use of QR codes, especially in shopping centres, theme parks or large complexes – you could even try a treasure hunt. How-To content is also always popular, such as videos, step-by-step guides and online manuals – this type of QR content works especially in DIY stores and department stores. Special offers and coupons are also good uses as they give an incentive to your audience to scan the code.

However you decide to utilise QR codes and whatever you decide to do with them, now is most definitely the time to start using QR Codes in marketing.




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