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6 Tips for Successful Marketing with QR Codes

6 Tips for Successful Marketing with QR Codes

May 8th 2012

QR codes are one fantastic way to get customers involved and to keep them engaged and interested in what you have to offer. There have been many examples of where this technology works well in enhancing marketing campaigns as well as provide a direct route to exclusive content provided by businesses.

The following 6 tips for successful marketing with QR codes will give you insight into how quickly you can use this cutting-edge technology to engage consumers by providing exclusive content, opening a direct channel to your company,  enrich the consumer-journey of your brand and make sure you as a business understand not only your customers but also consider the technology they are currently using.

Here follows 6 quick tips of how you can improve your marketing initiatives using QR codes. We would be delighted to hear from you and how you have used this technology to enhance your company's marketing, why not leave a comment below?


1. Brand All Messages Consumers See

When a consumer scans a standard code they are taken to website or digitalised message of some kind. There are QR code management software that can provide a more unique branded experience so that when consumers scan the QR code there reminded of the business’ presence as they can see their logo on top of all messages shown on the phone. This logo would also be “tappable”, that is, they can tap the logo which then takes them to the company’s mobilised website, feedback form, customer services helpdesk or what ever Call to Action they decided to include.

2. Magnetic Content is King

There is strong evidence that magnetic marketing will take over, or at least become a large part of standard marketing in the next year or so. This means the content, more than ever, must become part of a company’s strategy. Innovative marketers are reconsidering the traditional interruptive approach to advertising and are instead investigating how magnetic content can be designed to engage the consumer. This is where QR Codes will help. Nevertheless, many companies using qrcodes for the first time make the mistake of directing consumers straight to their desktop website without offering interesting content. Always make sure your site is mobile-friendly and that you are offering consumers something more entertaining or educational than a basic website as you’ll quickly lose interest otherwise.



3. Know Your Target (Technology) Market

Targeting QR codes to anyone and everyone may seem like a good idea, but if you’re targeting them to people without smartphones you run the risk of alienating part of your audience. Some codes cannot be scanned by older smartphones or by phones with poor quality cameras. Try to make your codes accessible by making them easy to scan by as many different smartphones and applications as possible. Similarly, include qrcodes in your marketing campaign where it is appropriate and where people can actually scan the code. The have been numerous examples online recently about the most ridiculous usage of QR codes in advertising, for example placing a code to far way so consumers can’t scan them or where it's even dangerous to scan. Use codes only where you know they will work.

4. Make it Natural

Just putting the QR code anywhere or making it especially large will seem a little unnecessary – instead, make it seem natural by incorporating it into the design of your packaging or advertising or keep it small and use it at the end of your final sentence, as this is a natural place for consumers to want to go on to seek more information about your product or brand. The power of excellent communication lies in how creative the person is, do the same with QR codes in marketing.

5. Use QR Codes to Direct-Dial

If you want to encourage people to phone your sales centre, create the QR code so that scanning it will automatically dial your phone number. There are many excellent Call to Actions where you can get the user or consumer scan to provide feedback or for example to call your customer support helpline and you get a clear return on investment as you can track all the users scans, when they scanned, where they scanned and so on.


6. QR Codes = Exclusivity

Remember that although QR codes are supposed to be used to give consumers more information about your brand, you ultimately need to offer them more information by scanning the code than they would get by simply reading your packaging. Giving consumers the same information through the QR code that they could already get elsewhere is ultimately a waste of a great opportunity. Therefore, when you decide to use QR codes in your marketing consider what exclusive content you will offer your consumers when they take out their phone, launch that QR Code Reader and scan your packaging - because there was a purpose for them to do so.

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