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Can QR Codes Really Improve My SEO?

Can QR Codes Really Improve My SEO?

May 30th 2012

SEO is all about driving people to your website and getting them to interact with your content in the way that you want them to for example reading an article, signing up to a White Paper or going through the funnel to you "Thank You" page. With other marketing efforts like social media marketing, mobile marketing and QR codes all on the rise in popularity. Now is the time to combine SEO and marketing with qrcodes so that your company gets the benefit of a great all-round marketing campaign and increased engagement as a result.

Smartphones are now outselling desktop computers and laptop computers in the United States, according to, and so it is imperative that your marketing campaign caters to this mobile market. QR codes are one such way to connect to this market, as with one scan, consumers can get access to your landing page, opt-in form, magnetic content, online shop – whatever you want them to access, they can access with very little time or effort.


When using QR codes for marketing, you need to have a clear business objective in mind with regards to what you want your codes to do. You need to make sure that whatever your objective, be it to add consumers to your list or get more sales, the most important things that you need to do are to add value for the user and to provide contextual assistance – if you just sell to your consumer with absolutely no value or assistance, your conversion rates will drop. You should also test, test and test your code again – if it appears broken, if it doesn’t work or is very slow to scan, users could find you untrustworthy as a company. Consider using a dedicated qrcode software service, see Marketing with QR Codes Done Properly - the basics for guidance.

Probably the simplest way of using a QR code is to use it where you would have traditionally linked to a URL or written a URL. Instead of the consumer having to type a URL into their phone after looking at a magazine ad, for example, they can simply scan the code and be taken straight to the website. QR codes could also be used around checkouts or price tags to give consumers access to price comparisons or reviews – equally, you could update the code with ‘buy it now’ info so that existing customers can buy an item with one scan and without waiting in line. As with all forms of marketing, consider what the purpose is and that by scanning the code the consumer gets something that is exclusive and not just a desktop .com website. For example, consider how can you drive visitors via QR Codes to your magnetic content?


QR Codes can help your search engine optimisation greatly if used well. Combine all of your marketing efforts by including the innovative marketing trick that is the QR code and you could just find that your conversions soar.

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