Cool Marketing Ideas with QR Code Software


QR codes are fast becoming the in thing for retailers and companies of all sizes, and whilst they may look like a pretty simple graphic, you can use them to kick start all sorts of cool marketing campaigns. This article will showcase for practical examples of cool marketing ideas using QR codes and sprinkle of imagination.


Volkswagen Wrapped Up

Volkswagen recently unveiled a new QR code campaign to promote their new car model. Instead of sticking a few codes in magazines, they wrapped an entire vehicle in codes and drove it around Germany. When people went up to the car and scanned the QR code, they got an exclusive first look at Volkswagen’s new car model. The campaign attracted a huge amount of online attention and garnered 5,500+ scans.

Sun Activated Offers

Another rather cool use of QR codes was by a retailer in Seoul who saw sales increase by 25% after implementing an innovative campaign using shadow activated codes. These codes were created with special three-dimensional displays at several different locations around Seoul, and when the sun is at its highest point, the shadows of the display line up, allowing the user to scan the code for access to coupons and other online content.

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Synthesise the Code

A few unofficial ads for Instagram and popular game Angry Birds have also demonstrated that QR codes can be cool and interesting. The code ad for Instagram, an app that allows you to take photos and upload them to a Tumblr account, is made up entirely of images that have been taken through the app, making it fun to look at and self-explanatory. The Angry Birds QR code ad is designed to look like a particularly complex level of Angry Birds. Whilst these ads are unofficial, they are an excellent demonstration of how to use this technology in an interesting way.


Scan to Listen!

One of the coolest marketing strategies using this technology is to combine them with music. The Spotify Premium app combines QR codes with playlists – all you have to do is scan the code with your phone and a certain playlist will immediately, from music for geeks or cooks through to a playlist of love songs.

Whichever way you decide to use QR codes in marketing, try injecting a bit of fun and creativity to develop a cool marketing campaign of your own.


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