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What the Recent Explosion in QR Code Usage Mean for Business - Infographic

July 16th 2012

QR Codes has taken some time to really become popular for both marketers but, most importantly, amongst consumers. April 2012 became the start of something very interesting with this new technology. This infographic helps to explain how QR Code usage will have an enormous impact on businesses in the UK. Note that although these QR Code statistics only focus on what is happening the UK in terms of consumer use of qrcodes, the trend is even greater in Japan and the USA.

If you are a CEO or business owner, consider this: Almost 4 million people (mainly 25-44 years of age), with an average income of £50+ scan QR Codes because they want to buy products. What if you are not using this technology. Or, even more crucial, what if your business used QR Codes but only sent people to your desktop, non-mobilised website? This is what you are missing out on...


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