White Label – QR Code Software

If you are interested in extending your business offering to your consumers or are looking for a new revenue stream then our QR Code Software and Trackable QR Code Management White Label solution will the perfect choice.

We are currently providing our QR Code White Label to businesses in the Unites States, South America, Europe. We are interested in extending this offer to other businesses or individuals if there is benefit to both parties.

We can offer you a complete QR Code software which includes a payment gateway for processing credit cards when customers subscribe.

The White Label has all the features of our SQUARE:CODE software including:

  • time based updates
  • collecting rich data via opt-in forms (new)
  • QR Code payment via PayPal/Credit Card (new)
  • advanced reporting and analytics
  • create mobile ads
  • link pages together for example, collect customers name and emails before showing a the promotion page, then the payment page
  • brand all messages people see when they scan the QR Code

Pricing starts from £100 (approx. $160) per month + cost per transaction..

Download brochure: QR Code White Label

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